How to Stop foreclosure


In today's economic climate homeowners are faced with foreclosures and bad credit mortgages. When the real estate markets go sour, buyers are nowhere to be found, and the homeowners are besieged with a steady stream of bills, and mortgages suffer. Its one of the toughest things in life to face. But here are some good pointers on this page for your help. Here is 5 ways  how to stop foreclosure on your home.

The reality is when economic times are tough, people just don't have enough money available to them, incomes slides, businesses dry up, inflation eats pocketbooks and credit gets tighter than ever. There is is not enough money to be set aside to deal with it. Nothing seems to work.

Negotiate with your lender

Banks and Mortgage companies are not interested in your home. So you have to approach them quickly and explain your circumstances. If your set backs are temporary, your lenders should be happy to find a solution for you. Always start with the premise that they have a genuine interest to maintain you as their source of income and part of their repayment plan.

Loan Modifications

This is the new wave era in today's mortgage climate. Too much buzz on the Internet about loan modifications . Ask for for a loan modification with your lender if you have bad credit home loan. A Loan Modification is a new document drawn, restating the terms of your older mortgage. Many companies are now doing loan modifications and they may charge fees. You can do it yourself, but it can be a daunting experience on a troubled homeowner, who lacks negotiating skills, and attorneys insights. Behind On Your Mortgage? Modify Your Loan and Keep Your Home.


You can try to refinance your bad credit mortgage with another lender and stop the foreclosure process. Realistically in this mortgage market it works with 65%- 70% loan to value of your home. If you have enough equity in your property a private lender should be able to refinance your loan. Refinancing puts you on a new path. Foreclosures and notice of defaults are rarely handled by conventional type lenders and banks. Bad credit mortgage companies can also help.


If nothing else seems to work a threat of bankruptcy can often stops a lender in its tracks. While filing for bankruptcy is a delicate matter and should be carefully reviewed with your attorney, its not a permanent solution for a bad credit home loan.You will still have to make mortgage payment to some extent under a Chapter 13 plan. Bankruptcy, itself, can slow down an aggressive lender but may not stop it. Eventually you have to work out some plan how to exit.

Outright Sale

I know this the least preferred alternative for many, but it works. Sell your home to a real estate investor. You may not get the value or equity you have, but you can get some of of it. There will be lots of mail delivered when a notice of default is filed and a homeowner can select few investors to work with. Honest and ethical people should be selected by you to handle the sale of your home. Whatever route one takes, time is of an essence here. Sooner you get in touch with your lender and take action sooner your can solve your foreclosure problem and bad credit mortgage.

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