Different types of property available in Italy


Italy 1Properties in Liguria offer you a guide to all types of properties you can invest in. There are many properties in Italy that you can benefit from if you invest wisely. When looking for a property to invest in there are 4 things to keep in mind so as to rip big.

. Buy a property that is undervalued.
. Choose a prime location that attracts capital investment through out.
. Find a property that is different an inner beauty you can capitalize on.
. Choose a property that can triple its value if a little renovation is done
Types of property available in this Area



A property that needs major repair work so as to be fit for occupation. To qualify to be classified under this category the house needs a lot of renovations and alterations that include; replacing the roof, major works on the floors, moving internal walls, Reconstructions, Extensions, Rewiring, Plastering, Re-plumbing among others.

It is considered a good investment as all this renovations make the property worth much more. Properties of this nature are bought at bargained prices because the owners are eager to get rid of them. To ensure you get a good price on the property you must first factor in the whole cost of renovations to the property purchase price. Then determine the cost of the property. The second thing purchase property on a prime location.

 • Habitable property

These are properties that need very little renovations. They have been occupied and only need minimal capital to be in excellent condition. They may need an extra coat of paint, minor plumbing issues or fixing broken windows. They are a wise investment if you do not like taking risks or if you do not have a lot of capital to invest in renovation. These type of property is in high demand and so hard to find in Italy.

• New building

They are in excellent conditions and the only thing you need to do is move in or sell if you are an investor. These buildings are found in big cities of Italy .The house mostly will be a condominium. You will own a proportion of the freehold and therefore be obligated for general maintenance of the building. A good investment if you want a property with a known intrinsic value.

Italy 3• Renovated property

This is the type of property that is ready to be occupied. These are really old properties that have been maintained properly and are in excellent condition. They are in great locations and are really popular to the affluent. It is not a good investment if you are trying to buy such a property because they are very expensive. Return on investment will be too little.

• Shell

This is a property that needs serious interior work to make them habitable or worth something. Interior work on bathrooms, new doors, kitchen, partitioning the building. Reconstructing a shell to flats or condos requires a major capital investment. If you can be able to keep the cost of renovation to a minimum then they can yield a lot of return on investment.

• Ruins/Damaged

This type of property is usually damaged either by a major fire or some natural catastrophe. It will need a roof, floor, plastering and reconstruction of different walls to return it to its original form. It requires almost more capital than building a new one. It is only a great to invest in it if it is in a perfect location and if you can try to put a lid on the costs of renovation.

All the above properties can be also be loosely classified into; Rustic building (rustic), historical properties large enough to be transformed into hotels or flats, villa or farmhouses (casale). Properties in Liguria also has property classified into the specific type of the home as they are referred to in Italy; Apartment (appartamento), studio flat (monolocale), two roomed flat (bilocale), farm house (casale) and a small house (casetta) among others.

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