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Here is a comprehensive array of home loan and refinancing programs for all types of credit from A to D. If you have pristine credit or you have bad credit and a bankruptcy you can find a loan program here.There are many programs that still go up to 100% loan to value. On the other hand you have FHA loans with 600 Fico scores and 3.5% down payment than can suffice very well for most bad credit borrowers for bad credit mortgage refinances or purchases.


Prime Lending Programs Fico scores 620

100 % Full Document Purchases Minimum Fico scores 720
100 % Full Document Purchases 80/20 Minimum Fico scores 700
100 % Full Document Purchases Minimum Fico scores 680
100 % Full Documents Refinance 80% Ist and 20% 2nd
Conforming Fixed Conforming ARMs
Conforming 30-year 30-year adjustable
Conforming 15-year 3/1 year adjustable
Conforming 30/7 year 5/1 year adjustable
Conforming 30/5 year 7/1 year adjustable
Conforming 20-year 10/1 year adjustable

Sub-prime Lending Fico Scores less than 620

100% Purchases full documents 80/20 Minimum Fico Scores 700
100% Stated Income loans fico scores 720
90% Purchase / Cash-Out for A- Credit Fico Scores 580
85% No-Income-Verification Purchase. No Reserves needed
80% Bankruptcy Chapter 13 Buyouts
90% Stated Income Purchase / Refinance
80% Foreclosure Refinances- Owner Occupied Conventional Lending
80% Stated Income, Non-owner Refinances








*Mobile homes – Co-ops- Leaseholds- Land purchase loans- Condotels- Condos over 4 stories- Loans to buy Foreclosure sales-Timeshares loans-Manufactured housing

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