Getting pre qualified is the first step, and it's free!  With many home sellers receiving multiple offers sometimes , you need to put yourself above your competition in the seller's eyes. 

Making an offer after you have been pre-qualified tells the seller that you're serious, and that you can actually afford their home.Most realtors will ask you to be pre-qualified anyway before showing you listings. Before you start your home search in earnest please get pre qualified today. Having a lender on your side, after your pre qualification, you can select a property and make an offer. Nothing will happen unless you start making offers.


Making Your Offer
Find an area where you would like to live, contact a real estate agent, and take action. You may make offers on several properties before someone accepts, since the market is so hot.  Remember that this is a negotiation process.  Rarely is the actual purchase price paid.  Sometimes you pay less, and in hot markets you tend to pay more. One of three things will happen when you make your offer.

  • The offer is accepted.
  • The offer is rejected.
  • The seller counters it with her/his modified requirements for sale.

Real Estate Agent
A good real estate agent is paramount to success.  They negotiate for you, understand the law and how it applies to your purchase, and have access to the tools you need to complete a purchase.

The Purchase Price
At the very least, you need to be qualified to purchase the property at the price you offer to pay.  A good offer has the following things included:

1. Realistic price.
2. A pre qualification letter.
3. An earnest money deposit.

Terms Of Sale
The terms are as important as the sale price, yet there is always a trade-off between the two.  Make sure you can live with the terms, and use the following as a minimum:

1. Termite clearance.
2.  House Inspections.
3. Disclosures about the property.
4.  Any agreements about credits and closing costs.
5. Furniture and fixtures.


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