100% Home Equity Loans

100% Home Equity Loans with Minimum 700 FICO scores

The equity is the difference between what you owe and what is the value of your property. This amount is a buildup and is a resource many home owners can count on. You can utilize the equity in your home any way you like. You can consolidate all the debts into one single payment and not worry about several payments dates that seem to occur every month.You need a minimum of 700 middle fico score for these loans.

Debt Consolidation

If you have owned your home for a year or so you can refinance your mortgage and get a loan which can payoff credit cards or any other higher interest rate debts. Consolidate all the debts into one single monthly payment. Combine first and 2nd loans and even payoff credit cards! Once the payments are lowered they may even become tax deductible in some cases. The savings are a double whammy since the credit card debt is not only tuned out but also becomes tax deductible.Don’t delay your mortgage refinance. Your payments should be cut less than half with additional cash available for example :

BILLS            BALANCE             PAYMENTS         NEW PAYMENTS       SAVINGS

Car Loan           $ 10,200          $ 355                                       0

Visa card          $   8,700          $ 305                                       0

Macy                  $   4,200          $ 175                                        0


Total———-$23,100         $  835                                    $ 235                          $ 600

(payments based on 11.85 % interest APR 13.92 )

Cash out for any purpose

If your needs are to cash out the equity in your home and utilize cash for any purpose you can use our special cash out programs and also consolidate your high interest credit cards at the time. If there is minimal equity in your property you can take advantage of the  125 %seconds available now and use the cash out for any purpose.

If the real estate values have declined, home equity loans may be difficult to obtain and the line of credit can be smaller than large. Usually a $20,000 to $60,000 lines of credit have become a norm after the real estate crisis in 2008. These lines of credit require 600 plus fico scores and stable home values in your area. If the values are declining these home equity lines may not be available to some borrowers. If you do have enough equity in your home than its much easier and the lender may lend up to 80% of appraised value.

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