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So, should you take cash out when you  do your bad credit refinance? Most likely you should, if your loan to value and your credit scores qualify you for a cash-out and you can use the money for other needs. If you can payoff higher interest debt, consolidate your credit cards and debts, or want to finance something that’s relatively expensive like college tuition or landscaping, the cash-out option is a great choice. Because of the severity of 2008 recession you may or may not be able to take cash out. If you have owned the property prior to 2000 and you may still qualify for a bad credit refinance.

Before getting a bad credit refinance your loan, there are some important things you need to consider:

There is another type of savings with a short term mortgage. Its always at a lower interest rate. So you combine the lower rate and short term  to pay off the loan and take advantage of the savvy planning that you always dreamed of. Always discuss your options with a qualified loan rep.


Some lenders won’t charge you anything extra if you keep within their established loan guidelines of cash out to be below 75% loan to value Once you push your LTV (loan-to-value ratio) above 75% you will likely pay a premium for the privilege and PMI may come into play since it increases the lender’s risk.

Most home owners refinance loans to get some extra cash. There are several programs that do that and if you have an FHA loan you could refinance with FHA rapid refinancing. FHA works well with bad credit refinances or bad credit mortgages.  Conventional lenders will allow you a maximum cash out of 80% loan to value. You will have to demonstrate the need for cashing out and provide a viable explanation after the 2008 mortgage crisis. A good credit profile definitely helps and if you improve it, and if you are lowering your monthly cash out flow that will definitely be a calculating factor in your loan.

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