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Real people of foreign nationality may buy property in Turkey if reciprocity exists between Turkey and the country of which they are citizens. Information on reciprocity lists can be obtained either from your country’s diplomatic missions in Turkey,or from the Turkish Embassy/Consulates General in your country.Real persons of foreign nationality are advised to take due notice of the following points in order to avoid incurring loss when buying immovable property.


UK’s daily Telegraph has chosen the world’s 20 best countries for real estate investments. Turkey has entered the 5th place after a 78% increase in real estate acquisitions by foreigners during the first half of 2013. The top five included Barcelona,the French Riviera,Grenada,Toscana region and Turkey.

Turkey has established a policy of attracting high-added-value foreign direct investments (FDI) into Turkey to reduce the amount of imports and increase the competitiveness in its respective sector.

Turkey received USD 12.7 billion Foreign Direct Investment in 2013 Turkey is the 6th most visited country in the world. 35 Million Visitors in 2013 10.4 Milion people have visited Istanbul Turkey is in the top 10 medical tourism destinations. More than 250.000 people visited Turkey for health in 2012. Turkey is also amongst the top 10 wind energy producers in Europe.

Source: Investment Support and Promotion Agency

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