ALLIANCE Mortgage to Co-Brand Internet Loans With Mortgage Bank of Maryland

Wednesday June 16, 1999

Company  Press release


Mortgage Bank of Maryland and Alliance Mortgage, provider of Internet-based mortgages and loans, today announced a strategic marketing relationship to provide mortgage products and services in the state of Maryland. The agreement marks the first time that Maryland applicants will be able to access Alliance Mortgage’s products online through a co-branding agreement.

“This relationship between similar providers makes sense for both Mortgage Bank of Maryland and Alliance Mortgage as well as for the online consumers we serve,” said Sean Saed, President and CEO of Alliance Mortgage. “By joining forces with Alliance Mortgage, Bank of Maryland extends its ability to give consumers control and choice over their Internet-based financial decisions, and helps them save money by lowering the costs and inefficiencies associated with finding mortgages the old-fashioned way.”

Consumers are increasingly aware that they can get more value from online financial service companies like Alliance Mortgage. They can also get broader product selection and a better match between the product and their needs.

About Mortgage Bank of Maryland

The Silver Springs, Maryland-based loan originator has been providing mortgage products conventionally to the local residents of Maryland and the state of Virginia. President Chris Puchalla has been in the mortgage industry for 14 years and has vast experience in conventional and sub prime loans. Mortgage Bank of Maryland is located at

9223 Wendell Street
Silver Springs, Md. 20901.

About Alliance Mortgage

Since 1992 Alliance Mortgage (, based in Hayward, Calif., has been providing inexpensive loans to people with all types of credit histories. Alliance Mortgage provides inexpensive loans through the virtual centralized office place. Alliance Mortgage loans are at least a point lower than most brick and mortar banks, single sourced lenders and conventional mortgage brokers. With a lower overhead, Alliance Mortgage rates are still competitive with major online mortgage companies at least by 0.50 to 0.625 basis points. Alliance is a true Internet loan provider with 100% revenues derived from the Internet, and is located in Silicon Valley at

26250 Industrial Blvd
Hayward, Calif. 94545.

Alliance Mortgage is a privately held cooperation.


Alliance Mortgage
Sean Saed, 510/887-1600