ALLIANCE Mortgage Launches an Affiliate Program for the Online Community

Thursday July 15, 1999


Alliance Mortgage announced today that it will be launching an Affiliate program, allowing other web sites to earn income by linking their sites to Alliance Mortgage. The program will be launched on a national basis linking with  the other influential sites. This Program has already been underway and has been taking pre registrations.Affiliates sites will participate in the revenue generation activity with Alliance Mortgage.

“This marketing  program is designed to increase  our  existing Internet influence and broaden our presence. We are increasing our market share on the Internet  where no single  Mortgage entity holds more than 10 percent of the market share.This program will be targeted towards home and real estate related  sites, but will  also allow other web sites to gain  access  to our  mortgage loan applications.” said Sean Saed the
company’s  President and CEO. “Our program is modeled after  the successful affiliates  programs of (NASDAQ:AMZN), Yahoo!  (NASDAQ:YHOO),, (NASDAQ:BYND), CDNow (NASDAQ:CDNW), and Barnes and Nobles  (NYSE:BKS)”.

According to estimates by James Marks, Deutsche Bank Securities Analyst, the online mortgage industry is set for  an explosive growth, with projections topping $60 billion by the year 2000.

Alliance also signed an agreement with Mortgage Bank of Maryland on June 16th 1999 for co-branding its loans  in the state of Maryland. Alliance Mortgage’s inexpensive loans are now available to the residents of Maryland.

About Alliance Mortgage

Since 1992 Alliance Mortgage  based in Hayward, Calif., has been providing inexpensive loans to people with all types of credit histories. Alliance Mortgage provides these loans through the virtual centralized office place. The loans are at least a point lower than most Brick and mortar banks, single sourced lenders and
conventional mortgage brokers.

As a Mortgage Banker with a lower overhead, Alliance Mortgage rates are still  competitive with similar major online mortgage companies by at least  0.50 to 0.625 basis points. Alliance Mortgage  have ties to  Nation’s top 70 lenders  including World (NYSE:GDW – news), Saxon (NYSE:D-news),  PCFS  (NYSE:PFGI – news), Bank of America (NYSE: BAC-news) Countywide,( NYSE:CCR)

Alliance Mortgage is a true Internet loan provider with 100% revenues derived from the Internet, and is located in the Silicon Valley at

Alliance Mortgage
26250 Industrial Blvd
Hayward, Calif. 94545.