San Francisco, -(BUSINESS WIRE)–September 9 , 1999

Alliance Mortgage (, a leading Internet mortgage provider, unveiled a new and heavily branded version of its company’s web site, and further consolidated its position among today’s major Internet loan providers. The site carries a unique design and a simple attitude in helping middle class America find its biggest investment.

“We educate, enhance and empower consumers to help them make intelligent investment choices. Our simplified web site is ideal for everyone, from housewives to factory workers and to newcomers who just started surfing the web,” said Sean Saed, Alliance Mortgage’s President and CEO. “We wanted to give control to consumers and lower the stress levels when they are looking for a loan.”

The site’s new color-coded navigation system complements its futuristic design and looks, yet it enables consumers to understand all aspects of mortgage lending. The web site also acts as a desktop Cyber reference guide and should be bookmarked for future use.

“We have made a dozen changes on our web site in the last two and a half years, and at every stage we have evolved and grown. Our web site evolvement is a reaction/response to our borrowers’ needs and we will continue adding more tools and technologies in the weeks to come.This will maintain our appeal and competitive edge in today’s mortgage websites,” continued Saed.

About Alliance Mortgage

Alliance Mortgage is a leading Internet Mortgage Company that helps consumers find inexpensive loans.

Since 1992 Alliance Mortgage ( has been providing loans to people with all types of credit histories. Alliance Mortgage provides these loans through its virtual centralized office place. Through its site content, tools, and experienced loan staff, Alliance Mortgage simplifies the loan process while passing significant savings to consumers. Borrowers typically save two points compared to brick and mortar lenders and conventional sources, and half a point, compared to similar major online companies.

Alliance Mortgage has ties to the nation’s top 70 lenders. Alliance Mortgage is a true Internet loan provider with 100% of revenues derived from the Internet, and is located in the Silicon Valley at 26250 Industrial Blvd., Hayward, Calif. 94545.


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