San Francisco Bay area Mortgage Broker Vaults into Cyberspace with its own Web site

April 16 1997

Company  Press release

EMERYVILLE, CA — April 16, 1997
Alliance Mortgage, an established mortgage broker in San Francisco Bay area has launched its 2 page web site providing Internet loans on the worldwide web. The developed technology, consumer attitude, and the web oriented inclination of the consumers prompted the decision. ” We are near the end of this century and internet is a medium that is going to stay. We will take all our expertise and experience and apply it seamlessly on the internet “said Sean Saed.” there is a very little awareness in the mortgage industry about this crucial internet development and we want to be there first. In doing so we expect to make home financing process less stressful and at the same time deliver loans products at a lower cost than the traditional methods.”

About Alliance Mortgage

Alliance Mortgage based in Emeryville, California has been providing loans to people with all types of credit histories including credit impaired borrowers. Alliance Mortgage was born around the corner of deep california recession. Since than it has helped many credit impaired borrowers caught in the  dark times, compared with the 1928 collapse.These borrowers otherwise cannot get a loan through the normal channels of home financing as banking standards will not allow them.

As a battle tested and recession hardened mortgage company on its own, Alliance has survived the test of time, enduring adversities and struggles, but continued to march forward. It absorbed the market share from the collapsing mortgage companies, ‘A’ paper lenders, transient out of state lenders, novices and individuals who set up shops during the 1992 and 1993 refi boom, the realtors, and specifically the lone realty agents, who abandoned the part time mortgage business in favor of other alternatives at the first signs of trouble and the specter of rising interest rates.


Alliance Mortgage
2000 Powell street suite1200
Emeryville, Ca 94545

Sean Saed 510/450-1820


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