First Time Homebuyers, The First Step

I bought my first home in May 1988 in a middle class neighborhood. While my “dream house” was a custom home with four bedrooms and, three baths, a pool, a Jacuzzi, an electric kitchen, three car garage and massive wide doors, I settled for a two bedroom home with one car garage and view of the hills, and one bath. But it made me proud. I was thrilled. Now I had a home and I had dumped my landlord too.

Even though I realized that this was not my dream house, I did accomplish one thing in life, a roof of my own.I owned my own house for the first time in life. Here I was 33 years of age and I had a house that I can call absolutely my own. All my life I had slept in someone else’s home, my relatives, my parents, friends, or someone who was kind enough to let me in.

That summer I invited all my friends and threw a party in the hilly backyard. I turned up the music loud and we all had some good times. I never had to check with anyone about anything. At the party after few beers I was still sober inside and I knew that being in real estate this was not my last home in my career. I would get my dream home someday but I had to start somewhere.

I know that many of us get sidetracked as we enter the home buying process. We have difficulty reconciling the home that we have always wanted with the reality of what our finances can actually afford. Do not let that keep you from reaching your goal.

Let your initial home purchase be your first step. There will be other homes in the future. Homes will come and go in your lifetime. It hurts me to see a family come as far as receiving loan approval, only to hold back because the home they can buy does not have a second room or bathroom or a separate dining room or a wide entrance.The idealist state of mind clashes with the reality at hand and sometimes the former wins.You have been given a precious gift, the gift of the opportunity to own your home. Do not take it for granted, a missed opportunity doesn’t comes back.

You know in the last ten years I bought several properties around town and sold them they did not mean a thing to me, but I still kept the two bedroom home that I first bought. Due to ups and downs of real estate I may not still have that dream house I promised myself several years ago but I am much closer to it today, and you will be too.

By taking this first important step toward home ownership you are already half way there.Use our online facility to get that precious gift and get to the rest of the way with me.


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