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Here is Alliance Mortgage's Glossary for mortgage terms listing the all the possible terms that you may need for a basic knowledge of mortgage and loans. The terms are derived both from real estate industry and mortgage fields.  There are certain limitations as to the descriptions and terms. The Glossary is divided in 5 separate sections    A-B , C-D, E-H, I-Q and R-Z for easy  thumbing through. Each section has its own terms according to the alphabet.

You may find this vocabulary helpful for understanding words and terms used in real estate transactions. There are, however, some factors that may affect these definitions:

*Terms are defined as they are commonly understood in the mortgage and real estate industry. The same terms may have different meanings in another context.

* The definitions are intentionally general, non-technical and short. They do not encompass all possible meanings or nuances that a term may acquire in legal use.

* State laws, as well as custom and use in various States or regions of the country, may modify or completely change the meanings of certain terms defined.

Before signing any documents or depositing any money preparatory to entering into a real estate contract, the purchaser should consult with an attorney of his choice to ensure that his rights are properly protected.


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